I need to read my scriptures more.  In fact, I need to read my scriptures.  The Book of Mormon is our primary scripture – Another witness of Jesus Christ.  As a family we read a few verses each morning with the kids but most days I am putting food into lunch boxes while my ever patient husband facilitates the discussion.  It has been a long time since I have felt like I could get lost in them on my own.  Three days it took me to push back the clutter of life to open my Book of Mormon and breathe the words in.  There was a constant flow of distractions into my head like little grey clouds and occasional flashes of lightening.  I tried to push them out and finally I began to see the words.

I am not sure why I chose to begin with the Book of Alma.  Maybe starting in the middle will encourage me to go full circle.  In the two first Chapters of Alma I read of both Nehor and Gideon.  I wondered if I would name a son Gideon – to be faithful and strong in the face of Nehor’s mockery.

I wonder how it would have felt for the Nephites as they learnt that the Amlicites had combined forces with the Lamanites and were now grossly outnumbered.  Alma’s ability in Chapter 2 verse 30 to be centred in his plea for protection and strength,

O Lord, have mercy and spare my life that I may be an instrument in thy hands to save and preserve this people.

I wonder how I can be an instrument in God’s hands – I want to be no doubt about it.  But, I need to do those things that have already been confirmed to me to show my commitment and faith, and I need to keep going.   Keep going.  Keep going…

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